Sunday, November 18, 2007

NASCAR Gets Sexy

If you find yourself perusing the romance novel section of your local chain bookstore, you just may happen upon one of several NASCAR-sanctioned romance novels, such as the one pictured here - Total Control by Pamela Britton. According to her website, Britton has written a handful of steamers for the NASCAR crowd with titles such as On the Edge and To the Limit. It is Total Control, however, that looks positively riveting - "Indi Wilcox has a bad track record with professional athletes--and the skid marks on her heart to prove it. So when she's forced to team up with Todd Peters, NASCAR's number one bad boy, to grant the wish of a terminally ill child, she vows to keep things professional." Of course, something tells me the racing metaphors just might get a bit steamier (and far from professional) as the two continue working together. I'll have to read the book to find out.

How can you not be enticed by a premise so promising - "Todd isn't sure what he thinks about the new Miracles caseworker. Except that she's gorgeous...and steaming mad. Not that he blames her. He accidentally let down one of her kids. Determined to prove to Indi that he's not just another spoiled NASCAR star, Todd sets out to make things right. With every combustible moment they share, deeper feelings take over. Giving up total control might be the scariest--or the best--risk they ever take."

If that's not enough, the critics seem unanimous in praising the wonders of this novel - "I think this is a magnificent book," says Cherokee of Coffee Time Romance. "The beginning immediately caught my attention and latched on until the conclusion. Total Control is powerful, compelling and an impressive read that is worthy enough to read many times over." It is a rare find in that book you wish to read "many times over" - and here I've been wasting my time with Tom Perrota's The Abstinence Teacher. No abstinence of this track, I'm sure.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

"skid marks on her heart" - wow.

Other than that, I am speechless. Truly.

Jamie said...

This post killed me at work.

One of my fav things to do is scan the romance books at thrift stores. My favorite find? A romance novel written from a dogs perspective!