Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Passionistas on the Bay Bridged

"A few years ago, we went to check out a couple of South by Southwest shows, and one of the openers came on and said, 'We're from San Francisco. They were great. And at that moment I went, 'Wait a minute. I'm from San Francisco. How come I didn't know that?'"

So says Christian Cunningham - co-founder of The Bay Bridged - in a recent San Francisco Chronicle feature. From there, Cunningham and Ben Van Houten launched their website dedicated to promoting the "San Francisco Bay Area scene." 90 episodes later, The Bay Bridged has really become a local institution - spotlighting some of our friends, including Greg Ashley, Matt Lutz, the Music Lovers, and the Herms. This week, the Passionistas are the featured band on the weekly podcast. Listen here to hear an interview, as well as one never-before-heard Passionistas recording.

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