Sunday, November 18, 2007

Industry News Update

It has been a rather busy week here at New and Used Records. In fact, we found ourselves so busy with label assignments that we did not have time to post about them. Before catching you up on the latest with us, here's a look at what's been happening around the industry ...

Senators heard testimony from musicians and radio programmers regarding the issue of performance rights. The issue at hand - whether terrestrial radio should be accountable for performance royalties on top of songwriting royalties.

Antony Bruno visited Billboard Magazine's Touring Conference in New York, reporting "While the digital revolution has disrupted the traditional business models of the major labels, it's enhancing those of the touring industry." Full story here.

Ladytron signed with Nettwerk Records.

Indie rockers Rademacher (whom the Passionistas have twice rocked the stage with) took a unique and exciting approach to promoting their new record. Instead of a national tour the band has weekly residencies all this month in San Francisco, Los Angeles and their native Fresno. In addition, the band has "blog residencies" at four major LA blogs, where once a week, a different blog posts 2 tracks from the album. CMJ took note of this.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love the idea of blog residency for bands. Heck, if writers can do it at universities, why not rock bands at blogs? It's a natural fit.