Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Will's Used Music Picks: George Harrison

On occasion, N&UR founder Will Benham listens to some older music, and sometimes he likes to tell his readers about it. Will recommends you pick these up - though bear in mind Will's first musical purchase was New Kids On the Block at the suggestion of a friend.

George Harrison, "the quiet Beatle," passed too young of lung cancer in 2001. He left behind a remarkable catalog, both in the endearing legacy of the Beatles, and in his own brilliant solo work. Eight years after his passing, Harrison's solo work seems to be having a renaissance of sorts. First their is the brand new compilation, Let It Roll, the most comprehensive Harrison collection to date. Let It Roll collects such obvious hits as "My Sweet Lord" and "Got My Mind Set On You," alongside three live versions of Beatles songs from the Concert For Bangladesh, and three songs from Harrison's swan song, Brainwashed; an absolute must have.

Expect to hear several covers of Harrison's work later on this year as well. My Morning Jacket's Jim James recently announced an EP of Harrison covers, under the name Yim Yames. Meanwhile, a cover of "Beware of the Darkness" will appear on the forthcoming Under the Covers Vol. 2 from Matthew Sweet and Suzanna Hoffs.

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