Monday, June 22, 2009

Bandwidth Conference Announces Speakers

The Bandwidth Music and Technology Conference in San Francisco has been a much-anticipated event for us over the past couple of years. For a taste of what the conference has been like, you can read my recaps of 2008 (Day One and Day Two) and 2007 (Day One and Day Two). This year's conference looks to be another intellectually stimulating event, and will be different than year's prior:
This year we are tapping a select group of industry trailblazers to address what's happening within the industry from their individual unique perspectives. This won't be panel after panel - Bandwidth 2009 will kick off a series of conversations, allowing greater audience participation.
The first two announced speakers are Livia Tortella, GM/Executive VP of Marketing and Creative Media for Atlantic Records, and Jeff Price, President and CEO of TuneCore. Expect vibrant conversation throughout the room. I am especially interested to hear from Price, who recently joined forces with Amazon to announce an on-demand CD-printing-and-distribution service. Brilliant idea, I thought.

Registration for Bandwidth is $275 through June 30.

So ... whose going?

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