Friday, May 8, 2009

New Music: John Vanderslice - "Too Much Time"

John Vanderslice - "Too Much Time" (mp3)

I promote a concert series called LA[Heart]SF and, as a music fan and label owner, I passionately follow the LA and SF music scenes. When it comes to baseball, however, my loyalty lies with SF. And when it comes to baseball, LA does not [Heart] SF. Tonight, the San Francisco Giants are in LA to take on the Dodgers who, despite a hot start, are reeling from yesterday's suspension of star Manny Ramirez who tested positive for a performance enhancing drug. This has nothing to do with John Vanderslice, and if you wish to read more of my thoughts on the San Francisco Giants, you should check out Still Orange and Black.

Now, on the subject of John Vanderslice, Dead Oceans has released another tune, "Too Much Time," in anticipation of the May 19 release of Romanian Names. This is Vanderslice's first album on Dead Oceans, and while I have not heard the whole thing, my friends at The Bay Bridged have tweeted that it might just be his best. Vanderslice celebrates Romanian Names' release with a show at Rickshaw Stop May 19 with the Morning Benders. He plays Amoeba Records the night before, and then heads out on a lengthy tour - first with the Morning Benders and then The Tallest Man on Earth.

John Vanderslice - "Fetal Horses" (mp3)

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