Friday, April 3, 2009

This is Just Stupid:
Cash Money Suing DJ Drama

You know how Lil Wayne is one of few bright spots in the dying music industry? Well Wayne's popularity - which includes sold out arena shows and appearances at the Grammy's and Country Music Awards - hasn't come through typical industry manufactured success. In fact, Lil Wayne's mystique and success can largely be attributed to the application of street rap hustle to the internet age. The impact of Wayne's mixtapes, most notably DJ Drama's Dedication 2 cannot be underestimated. Despite the fact that so much of Wayne's music is easily accessible for free, the self-proclaimed "best rapper alive" managed to walk away with the best-selling album of 2008. How does his label respond? By suing the DJs who spread his music through these mixtapes, most notably Drama.

Drama has issued a statement:
This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs. DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good. I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationships between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records. However, due to the ongoing nature of this litigation I do not wish to make any further comments.

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Frozen Atlantic said...

Forget being a bright spot in the industry. He's like, the only bright spot on Cash Money left!

Man, people are gonna look at the last 10 years of this industry as the stupidest in the history of business. I hope these dudes don't ask for a bailout.