Friday, April 3, 2009

Commentary: Something You Should Read

I've been running New and Used Records through its various operations since January 2006. I began running it as a label probably in October of that year. While I have learned a great deal and provided insight into this complex and changing industry, I acknowledge that I still have much to learn. In fact, I think there is a lot everyone still has to learn as the current industry - though exciting - gives us more questions than it does answers. I am constantly looking into resources for musicians and bands, and the Pampelmoose blog (edited by Gang of Four founding member Dave Allen) has proved itself absolutely essential. The other day Allen posted The End of the Music Album as the Organizing Principle and I consider this required reading for an label or musician.

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heather said...

I thought that article was interesting as well, not least because I had just moderated a panel discussion in which the conclusion was that the album DID still matter.

Maybe I'm just old and stuck in my ways, but I think there will always be musicians who want to deliver (and fans who want to listen to) a group of songs that hang together as a complete piece of work. The idea that the album doesn't matter makes complete sense in this digital world - but yet I have a hard time believing it's really over.

Or maybe that should be a hard time accepting?