Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New and Used Records + Radio Free Silverlake Present LA[HEART]SF No. 1 at El Rio 4/11

Birds and Batteries and French Miami from San Francisco and the Flying Tourbillion Orchestra from Los Angeles will be showcased in the inaugural show for the LA[Heart]SF concert series. LA[Heart]SF is a collaboration between LA blog Radio Free Silverlake and SF blog/label New and Used Records, with shows alternating monthly between both respective cities. The aforementioned bands play El Rio in San Francisco on April 11. Partners in LA[Heart]SF include LA-based internet radio station Indie 103.1, as well as Flavorpill, a premiere tastemaker for events in both cities. The event is $7 and begins at 9PM.

With so many talented bands in both cities, LA[Heart]SF strives to not only showcases the artists and venues who define the scene, but also create a network that makes it easier for bands to play in each city. The concert series is founded on the idea of collaboration.

New and Used Records launched in 2006 as a music blog covering music from both cities, and quickly grew into a record label which has released albums from LA's Tigers Can Bite You and Shiloe, and San Francisco's The Passionistas and Kid Mud.

Radio Free Silverlake has been a force in LA's music scene for several years now. For two and half years, the blog hosted a monthly event entitled Let's Independent which drew praise as "A tastemaking new-music showcase if ever there was one" from Flavorpill.

The first show serves as a great barometer for the talent both cities have to offer.

Birds and Batteries' lush arrangements combining electronics with indie and classic rock have gained notoriety not just in the Bay but around the country. The band has maintained a busy touring schedule that recently included SXSW behind their masterpiece I'll Never Sleep Again, while drawing praise from the Onion, Future Sounds and The Big Takeover.

French Miami have built a solid local and national buzz around their debut, Oui SeƱor, as well as for their energetic, bass-less live shows. The band is built around dueling guitars and drums, differentiating them from your standard indie rock act.

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra are a six-piece crafting lush dream pop melodies that combine twee guitar rhythms with strings and chimes. Their distinctive sound and notable live show have made them the toast of the LA scene.

While the three bands make for one exciting bill, each brings something their own, showcasing both their unique styles and the musical identity of each city. What N&UR and RFSL hope to show that what defines both scenes is not bands that sound similar, but rather artists who share a common camaraderie and a desire to push the boundaries of independent music.
MP3 - "I'll Never Sleep Again" - Birds and Batteries
MP3 - "The God Damn Best" - French Miami

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