Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixtape: Theophilus London -
This Charming Mixtape

I've got kind of a backlog of mixtapes I've been meaning to post about for some time now. Back when I used to shop for records in stores (still do, just not as much), a cool cover could persuade me to make a purchase. In this instance, the cover to Theophilus London's This Charming Mixtape inspired me to make the free download. That, and the review at Get Right Music, which said, "You may need to practice some recreational, pshycodelic medication to really get this tape." This is very experimental hip hop for sure, and while there are no Elvis Costello or Smith samples, London does drop a beat from Kraftwerk. Other than this, I do not know much else about London. He hails from Brooklyn and will be at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco on March 13, and then the Echoplex in Los Angeles the following day. Download the mixtape at his MySpace.

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