Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Shiloe Show Tonight
(Origami Records Residency)

I guess this is free week at New and Used Records. Kid Mud's new EP is being made available for no charge, and if you are in LA tonight you can see Shiloe for free. The band is a guest at Origami Records' residency at the Echo. Origami Records is a digital label with a terrific roster and an innovative vision. They are also now a vinyl only shop that is opening just two doors down from the Echo. I cannot wait to stop in there the next time I am in LA.

The bill for tonight's show also includes Summer Darling, Wait.Think.Fast., and Two Guns.
MP3 - "Human Voices" (live on KUCI) - Shiloe
MP3 - "Barren Womb" - Summer Darling
MP3 - "Clear Our Name" - Wait. Think. Fast.

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