Monday, February 16, 2009

New Music: Papercuts - "Future Primitive"

MP3 - "Future Primitive" - Papercuts
San Francisco's Papercuts return with a new record, You Can Have What You Want, out April 14 via Gnomonsong. The album's first single, "Future Primitive," boasts a timeless sound combining addictive indie pop with nostalgic 1960s jangle and reverb vocals. Jason Quever and co. received much praise for 2007's Can't Go Back, as well as touring gigs with kindred spirits Beach House and Grizzly Bear. Beach House's Alex Scally contributed arrangements to the new album. Papercuts' next San Francisco show is April 25 at the Swedish American Hall with Mountain Goats.
Bonus Track:
MP3 - "John Brown" - Papercuts
[from Can't Go Back]

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