Friday, February 13, 2009

Commentary: What's My Age Again?

This was a good week for 16-year old boys (or rather 26-year old boys who still act 16) with the announcement that Blink 182 would be reuniting. It was also a good week for hypermasculine jerks and assholes with the announcement that Limp Bizkit would be reuniting. I feel like I've gone back in time to an era where Jason Giambi plays for the A's, Ken Griffey Jr is on the Mariners, and Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit are considered "alternative." Oh, wait. Can Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit help save this dying industry? The last time we heard from Limp Bizkit, it was 2005, and actually barely anyone wanted to hear The Unquestionable Truth (Part One). All respective members of Blink have had their own bands that have failed to measure up to the numbers they scored as a trio. Every label person I meet tells me that breaking new artists is really hard. Perhaps this is the new industry strategy - rather than trying to break new talent, keep re-breaking old talent. I predict bands will start breaking up after an album or two - not because of "creative differences" which their press release will say, but because the "reunion tour" three years later will be so great for marketing.

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