Monday, February 2, 2009

Around the Blogs Mix 2/2:
Super Bowl Edition

1). "Cherry Tulips" - Headlights
Criminally, I often ignore Polyvinyl releases that aren't Of Montreal. Shame on me. This is a lovely song that has earned countless repeats and turned me on to a band whose catalog I need to explore thoroughly. Visit Headlights' website for more info.

2). "It’s All In My Head" - Niels Nielsen
Yet another reason why you should be reading Swedes Please which continues to turn me on to new stuff I wouldn't find anywhere else.

3). "Pale Bride" - The Von Bondies
Hey! The Von Bondies are back. Their new record - Love, Hate and Then There's You drops this Tuesday, while the band has a long list of tour dates and SXSW appearances lined up.

4). "The Renaissance" (remix f/ Raekwon, Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne) - Q-Tip
Were I to redo my best of 2008 albums list, it would most certainly include Q-Tip's The Renaissance - a phenomenal record with ever track's a gem and you actually want to listen beginning-to-end. Passion of the Weiss has this hot remix of the album's title cut. (BTW: you should follow Q-Tip on Twitter).

5). "I Want Some More" - Dan Auerbach
I just made plans to go see the Black Keys at Oakland's newly renovated Fox Theater in a few months. Dan Auerbach - who represents 1/2 of the duo - just dropped his own solo record, and what I've heard sounds pretty solid. Download two tracks over at The OCMD.

6). "Made in the Dark" - Hot Chip featuring Robert Wyatt
Hippies Are Dead says, "The New Hot Chip EP Is Very Good." That's good enough for me.

7). "Lost in the Light" - The Heavenly States
The fine folks at Stranger Dance just posted a phenomenal mix of Bay Area music. Frankly you should just go over there and download it right away. Amongst the fine tracks is this one from The Heavenly States. It's not hard to figure out why this is one of the most buzzed-about bands in the Bay.

8). "Back From the Slums" - Raekwon f/ Method Man and Ghostface Killah
Let's kick back to Passion of the Weiss once more who calls this leaked track from All Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, "the first real contender for rap song of the young year."

9). "Collapsing At Your Doorstep," Air France
I did not know a thing about Air France (not to be confused with Air France) until I heard this song on the radio and it immediately caught my attention. Download it at Chickens Don't Clap, while I pick up a copy of their EP, No Way Down.

10). "Universal Mind Control," Common
I passed on Common's Universal Mind Control due to the so-so reviews and lack of Kanye beats. I have been hearing this title track on Bagel Radio lately and I have to say, it is pretty sick. Download the mp3 over at The World Forgot.

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