Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Smashing Pumpkins
Premiering Song in Guitar Hero

We knew it was coming to this. Pitchfork sums it up:
Smashing Pumpkins are releasing a three-track single-- featuring a brand new song - as a downloadable add-on for forthcoming video game Guitar Hero World Tour.... The single consists of previously mentioned new song "G.L.O.W." bundled with old favorites "1979" and "The Everlasting Gaze." This is the first time a band has released a new song exclusively through a Guitar Hero game, though Smashing Pumpkins eventually will give the single a more traditional release too.


Allison said...

Ah, now I understand the post below. Sorry to hear about your computer and files. But kudos on the zen approach. Just reading that gave me anxiety and reminded me to save all my pictures.

deadmandeadman said...

Listen, it ain't the pumpkins, its Billy Corgan, his ego, and whoever else can fit in the studio. Its a sham & a shame