Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend Edition #6

I realize that summer is supposedly ending, but really it seems like the fun is just starting. My excitement for last weekend's Rock Make Street Festival is matched only by my excitement for Oakland's Art and Soul Festival, a three day affair that is also so close to my apartment. I'm told the food is delicious, and there are several stages of music in a number of different styles. Of course, Saturday's Art and Soul stage curated by Live 105 is what has my interest - Darker My Love (pictured) play at 1:25, and The Wombats are at 3:30. Two bands that I've really been wanting to see playing close to my apartment on a Saturday afternoon! I really don't think it could get any better than that. The Art and Soul stage is located at 12th Street and Clay.
If I were in LA, I would totally be at the F Yeah Fest this Saturday. The lineup boasts No Age, Matt and Kim, Two Gallants, and tons more. This is the fifth year for the festival, which recently received some great video coverage from the New York Times. Unfortunately, the festival's promoters have hit some hard times - having a financial backer pull out put them significantly in debt and they are accepting donations via Paypal. On Monday night, while handing out flyers outside a Radiohead concert, founders Sean Carlson and Phil Hoelting were allegedly beaten by concert security. Despite adversity, the all-ages, $16 festival is still happening.
Even if you don't wish to go outside, there is still a ton you can do this weekend. You could get to know Joe Biden, or remix the Pipettes. You could have your own iPod dance party with these jams: the Pocket remix of Beck's "Gamma Ray" [Via Pocket], Lil Wayne's "Electro Lollipop" [Via Notes From a Different Kitchen], T.I.'s posse cut "Swagger Like Us" [via XXL] and Of Montreal's "Nonpareil Of Favor" [via Rubin Recommends]. The fun don't stop.
I am so ready for a three day weekend. I plan to hit up the farmer's market after missing it the last three weeks, and hopefully I can fit in some nice quiet time with a good book and cold drink - amongst everything that keeps me so busy.

Bay Area Shows:
8/29 The Music Lovers, Harbours, Light FM @ Amnesia
8/29 Why? @ Great American Music Hall
8/30 Built For the Sea @ Bottom of the Hill
More shows at The Bay Bridged

LA Shows:
8/30 Shiloe @ the Scene
More shows at Radio Free Silverlake

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