Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Edition #2

This weekend, I plan to actually see The Dark Knight so I can join everyone else in this cultural experience. Maybe I'll also check out The Mummy for a good laugh. Oh, and while everyone buzzes about that trailer for The Watchmen, you should really download the first Watchmen "motion comic" for free off iTunes - it's quite amazing. OK, this weekend, I also plan to eat lots of good food and engage in some pre-birthday celebration. I may even sing some karaoke tonight. I've also been a mover and a shaker lately, and can't wait to drop some new label news.
Check out the first Blackdrop Portraits at ipickmynose.

You can remix Death Cab's "Cath" video.

Mike Skinner has dropped a new Streets track and video!

And there's a new Of Montreal track!
MP3 - "Thin" - The Confusions
Bay Area Shows
8/1 - The New Centuries and Bug Pedals @ 366 S 1st Street in San Jose (FREE).
More shows at The Bay Bridged.

LA Shows
8/1 - Official viewing party for Airborne Toxic Event live on Conan O’Brien @ Spaceland (12:30 back bar).
8/2 - Dengue Fever @ The El Rey.
More shows at Radio Free Silverlake.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ooooh new Of Montreal!

I hope you have a really fine birthday ramp up. Heck, make it birthday month.