Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Week at 26

Last week, I turned 26 and the festivities seemed to last all week. This week, things pretty much went back to normal.

I must say that the red velvet cake Hillary made for me (pictured above with candles) was quite possibly the best cake I have ever had in my life - and I've had a lot of cake in my life. For certain, it was the best frosting I'd ever tasted.

My mom gave me this book for my birthday called Awesome by Jack Pendarvis. She said she thought it might be dumb, but that it might also appeal to my "postmodern sensibilities." Its kind of luck a 2008 Gulliver's Travels, and at 99 pages in, I like it.

I've been feeling a bit more exhausted than normal this week, and my body really aches.

I planned to be really productive today, but that was just a pipe dream.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope your energy returns soon, so that you can enjoy being old.

That is a drop dead gorgeous cake and I'm sure it was delicious.