Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rock Make Street Festival Re-Cap

While much of San Francisco was at Outside Lands this past weekend, there were still plenty left to enjoy the Rock Make Street Festival on Sunday. Put together by Tartufi, the Bay Bridged, and Whiz Bang Fabrics, the festival featured booths of independent designers, along with two stages of live music. It was a lovely day in San Francisco, and this was the kind of event that makes me happy to live in the Bay Area, and proud to be a part of this music scene.

Aside from the entertainment, the event gave me the opportunity to visit with several friends and acquaintances including Arian from ipickmynose, Ben, Christian and Emily from The Bay Bridged, Katherine and Kean from Performer Magazine, Jeff from The New Centuries, and recent N&UR signee Kid Mud. I also enjoyed the atmospheric sounds of Settler as well as the edgy indie rock/pop of Man/Miracle and French Miami.

Malcolm Sosa from Rademacher played a solo set, which included at least one new song from his band's forthcoming new EP, Era.

I also got to see Emily Jane White, after hearing Adrian sing her praises for some time now. I was not familiar with her work previously, but I really liked what I heard.

Sadly, I had to leave and missed out on Harbours, Silian Rail, Tartufi, Low Red Land, and Trainwreck Riders. Still, it was a great day and I hope they put on similar events in the future.

ipickmynose has a recap and better photos.

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