Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Block: The Cure

Every thursday, we choose one artist with a new video and a deep back catalog. This week we've chosen The Cure.

The Cure's new record will drop October 13, but leading up to that date, the band has steadily been releasing singles, and has plans for a remix EP in September. "Sleep When I'm Dead" is the album's third single and is an update of a song the band first composed during sessions for The Head on the Door. The single also features the b-side "Down Under," which won't appear on the album.

The music of the Cure has always been ripe for remixing, as the 1990 compilation Mixed Up showcased. In 2003, German trance DJs Blank and Jones recorded a cover of "A Forest" with Robert Smith contributing lead vocals.

Of the many classics the Cure have released in their career (documented on two singles collections and a greatest hits), my personal favorite would have to be "Lullaby" from 1989's Disintegration.

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