Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sub Pop Revives Singles Club

Every music blogger has already excitedly written about this, but I will go ahead and report it anyway. Sub Pop is brining back its popular "Singles Club" where - for a $75 subscription - you will receive a 7" each month for a year. The records are limited to 1500 copies and once the year is over, the Singles Club will return "to its secret island vacation spot for eternity (or until we here at Sub Pop feel masochistic enough to take on coordinating this debacle again.)" Sub Pop also states:
In addition to the singles themselves, each subscriber will receive a coupon enabling the download of high-quality MP3s of each record. No need to worry about how you’ll jam that 7” into your disk drive, we’ve got all you technophiliacs with your new-fangled gadgets covered.
Sure to become collector's items, so sign me up!


Penny Distribution said...

the best news I've had all week, bar nothing.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Singles are fun! But sometimes you still need to listen to the whole album, in order.