Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Album of the Week:
Frozen EP / Psychic Powers + RCRDLBL

Everyday, I get an email in my inbox from RCRDLBL announcing their "MP3 of the Day." I've spent lengthy amounts of time on the RCRDLBL site and I really think it is an innovative and exciting way to discover new music. One of these great discoveries has been Psychic Powers. The LA-based duo of Nik Brinkman and Alejandro Cohen have one release to date - an EP entitled Frozen - all four tracks are available for free download on the band's RCRDLBL page. The songs recall the mellow new wave of New Order, while there are also similarities to M83 and South. "Frozen" is my personal favorite. Dig through the RCRDLBL vaults and you will find free MP3s from a variety of notable acts (Conor Oberst and Cut Copy to name just a couple) as well as new bands worthy of your attention. N&UR fave, Cassettes Won't Listen has a free remix EP up for download.

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