Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Add Monkey to My Wishlist

Hippies Are Dead just made my day (and its only 8:21AM) with news of Damon Albarn's Monkey: Journey to the West album. The record is based on the opera of the same name that he conceived with artist Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz, Tank Girl), which premiered last year. Knowing me - and the fact that I buy everything Albarn - I will have to purchase the deluxe vinyl addition, which features:
  • Double gate-fold album, over two heavyweight vinyl LPs, with one-side especially etched.
  • Exclusive over-sized art poster by Jamie Hewlett.
  • 60-page booklet, containing story, lyrics, illustrations and sketches.
  • Hand-made red box, with contents housed in a black foam tray.
  • The songs are based on Chinese texts and performed in Mandarin.

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