Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vinyl Fetish Products

Vinyl might be making a comeback. Regardless, vinyl fetish never left our consumer culture. Just get a load of these two products.

An iPod Gramophone
I first read about this in one of those magazines you find on an airplane, then a Google search lead me to Boing Boing. Pictured above is a product designed by Blanc & Reed that serves as a record player, iPod dock, CD player and wine-rack. Signature touch is that classic gramophone horn. The items description reads:
As designers we are intrigued that ideas, symbols, and objects can move through generation, remaining similar and intact but also similar to the times. This influence of ideas fueled the design of our SoundMachine, which is just as likely to appeal to a twenty year-old as it would to an eighty year-old, yet for completely different reasons. Every generation has a perspective.

A Vinyl/CD Hybrid
Nick from Penny Distribution sent me a link to a blog post at Wired about Optimal Media Production's vinyl/CD hybrid. According to columnist Eliot Van Buskirkit, it "is just like a normal CD except that on the top, it has vinyl grooves etched in. Place a VinylDisc on your turntable, drop the needle at the start of the track, and you'll hear up to 3.5 minutes of music at 33 RPM." He adds that while the sound quality is not as good as vinyl, it is "certainly good enough to warrant consideration from bands and labels looking to offer something new to their customers: a CD that everyone can play, with a secret bonus track in the grooves on top for those who have record players."

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