Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Should Be Top 40 of 2007 (Part One)

Will's Top 40 Songs of 2007
Part One: 40-31

40. "Crank That" - Soulja Boy

Highly infectious, "Crank That" embodies much of what hip and R&B production wall about in 2007 - minimal instruments and finger snaps.

39. "Identity Theft" - Nellie McKay
After last year's long-delayed double-album, McKay returned in 2007 with one significantly shorter. Most of it sounded like the soundtrack to an avant garde musical, with "Identity Theft" leading the charge.

38. "Don't Make Me a Target" - Spoon

I can't say that Spoon's sound changes all that much from album to album. That being said, what they do continues to tighten and become more refined with every subsequent release.

37. "Temptation" - Dizzee Rascal
Rascal borrows the chorus from an Arctic Monkey's b-side on this cautionary tale about fame. And you thought all rock rap was bad.

36. "Teddy Picker" - Arctic Monkeys

Is there a better rally cry than "Who'd want to be men of the people/ when there's people like you"?

35. "Split Needles" - The Shins
After their Garden State hype two year ago, the Shins found themselves atop the Billboard charts in 2007. Most lists are including single "Phantom Limb," but I much prefer the darker "Split Needles," even though it musically bites a bit from Margot and the Nuclear So and So's.

34. "Wasted Little DJ's" - The View

While the hype surrounding them didn't quite make its way over the ocean, "Wasted Little DJ's" is still a catchy little number. It's tongue-in-cheek lyrics are quite quaint as well.

33. "Foundations" - Kate Nash

Everytime I hear this song on WOXY, it is either proceeded or preceded by a Lily Allen, too. Comparisons between the two are commonplace, though maybe Nash's sassiness is a tad less overt. Regardless, Nash strings phrases together quite remarkably.

32. "The Kids From Orange County" - Moving Units
I was relieved to have some new Moving Units material in 2007. Now that their buzz has cooled, I'm not sure the band quite has that same spark as when I saw them three years ago. Nonetheless, the new record has some choice jams, including this dance floor favorite.

31. "Lip Gloss" - Lil Mama

More minimalist hip hop. The beat is so simple, it's crazy. But what makes this song so striking is Lil Mama's delivery - so compelling, her "what you know 'bout me" is all the chorus this one needs.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good job getting started on your lists already! The View are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, and Wasted Little DJ is a fun little tune.