Monday, April 9, 2007

Dear Barry Zito

Dear Barry Zito,

Now, I recognize the fact that a 1-5 start with you being 0-2 is not what anyone wanted - especially you. However, I come to realize everyday that things change in life very quickly ... and that change is even more dramatic in baseball, which I've always found to be a pretty great metaphor for life. I've gone through some hardship in my life, and I've sat through some pretty heartbreaking baseball seasons. But this is just the first week, and when the San Francisco press starts getting cynical, I just have to laugh. Because, really, we have a very long season ahead of us. My horoscope today told me not to get hung up on the daily bumps in the road, and instead focus on the pursuit of long-term goals. Yesterday must have been frustrating as hell, what with the team still not giving you sufficient run support. I, however, have totally and complete faith in this team. Besides, the team the triumphs over adversity is more celebrated than the turn that runs away with it. Rock on!


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