Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stream Timba, Download the Passionistas

Super producer Timbaland drops his solo debut, Shock Therapy on April 3, and the full album is now streaming at his MySpace page. The album features collaborations with likely suspects Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, as well as M.I.A. and the Hives, because Timba is hella punk. It hasn't been the smoothest of times for Timba these days - he's getting dissed by former collaborator Scott Storch and recently faced allegations of stealing a beat. He seems calm and cool as usual, however, especially in a feature in the new Entertainment Weekly.

Speaking of Timbaland, he is just one of many pop artists paid tribute to on the new Passionistas' mixtape. With the band's debut, God's Boat, set for a June release on our very own New and Used Records (MySpace), the band has independently released this "prequel." The Flood: Passionistas Mixtape Vol. 1 is 70+ minutes of freestyles and remixes, reusing popular beats from Timba, Kanye and the Neptunes, while remixing Beyonce, Mariah and Kelis. One thing is clear from listening to The Flood - the Passionistas admiration for pop music is no joke - the flows are seriously clever. The mixtape is entertaining, experimental, a tad self-indulgent, obsessive and mysterious. Far from a novelty, it's an art project.

Download it here.


Allison said...

Timbaland is indeed infectious, and 'hella punk' with all those artist collaborations. I may have to venture over to myspace, thanks for the tip.

Mialz said...

I can't get over the new Timba. "Miscommunication" is just too good. Listening to it is like eating your favorite desert.

"Bombay" has such a strange familiar feeling. It has one foot in worst song ever- and one foot in the future.

"Kill Yourself" is so immature and petty. It's so dear diary. I LUV it!