Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Music+Technology Briefs: Jack White, Pandora, Spotify, Pampelmoose on Radiohead manager's new label

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+ Jack White has kind of a love/hate relationship with modern technology. Or, maybe, it's just hate. He tells Uncut:
I would like to set the computers on fire. We are in an age that is the antithesis of what I am trying to do, artistically. It's a constant battle. The last five or six albums I've put out, no matter what the project or band, the internet has blown it. Leaks, surprises, which is my favorite part. It's so hard to surprise anyone with anything anymore.
Still, for a guy who has his qualms with the modern age, White seems rather engaged with how to thrive in the modern music industry. For instance, his innovative new record label which just announced a subscription service...
dubbed The Vault - to provide fans with exclusive vinyl releases and web content.... The Vault is based on a two-tiered system. Premium members pay $7 a month and get access to videos, forums, photos, ticket pre-sales, artist blogs, and "pay-per-view live concerts of Dead Weather, Raconteurs, White Stripes, and more." Platinum members pay $20 a month and get all that stuff plus a Third Man 12" LP, 7", and t-shirt exclusive to Vault-ers every three months. You can sign up now.
[via Pitchfork]

White's got this new band called The Dead Weather, and this is actually the least excited I've been for a White-related project (and this from a dude who was stoked about the Cold Mountain soundtrack). Still, I plan to check it out and may even sign up for the subscription service.

+ If you've been following Pandora on Twitter today, you've noticed they've had some news. The New York Times reports:
On Tuesday, after a two-year battle, record labels and online radio stations agreed on new royalty rates for streaming music online. Many of the music sites had argued that the old rates were so high they were being forced out of business.
Pandora founder Tim Westergren had this to say:
It has been an extraordinary couple of years. Believe me, I never thought I'd be donning a suit and tie to walk the halls of Congress lobbying for a bill. Thanks to all of you for your continued support. It is incredibly exciting for everyone at Pandora to see the vision for the company truly beginning to take shape. We are all looking ahead with renewed vigor to the future.
+ I haven't had the Spotify experience, because it is not available to US residents and I am not technologically smart enough to get around that. People tell me it is awesome, though. Of course, being awesome doesn't always equal immediate profits so, according to Hypebot, "the startup is on the hunt for another $40-$50 million in venture capital funding." I have wondered this - given this financial crisis we are in, are music+technology-related startups having a harder time finding venture capital funding?

+ Yesterday, we told you that Radiohead's manager was starting a record label. Dave Allen aka Pampelmoose, said via Twitter, "I'm skeptical. They're making some huge assumptions." I pretty much take what that dude says as gospel, so color me skeptical as well.

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