Thursday, July 9, 2009

LA Briefs: Silversun Pickups, Beck, Marvelous Toy, The Deadly Syndrome

[Photo cred: The Color Awesome]

+ MTV Unplugged is back - and we think this is a good thing. Silversun Pickups recently taped a session. Check out this performance of "Growing Up is Getting Old" - it sounds lovely:

+ I know everyone has already covered this, but it is certainly worth a mention from us. You know, when you've figured out how to live off you're art, there's two things you can do - hit cruise control and pad your bank account or try and innovate. Thankfully, Beck chooses the latter, as evidenced by the bevy of projects turning up on his new website. The new blog-like website has been introducing a bunch of new features - Record Club (where Beck and friends re-record entire albums), Planned Obsolescence (continuous mixes of whatever Beck is listening to); and Irrelevant Topics (where Beck interviews people like Tom Waits). Check out this clip of Beck covering "Venus In Furs" from The Velvet Underground and Nico:

+ The Deadly Syndrome will open for Lykke Li on August 4.

+ Joe Fielder from Radio Free Silverlake has been talking up Marvelous Toy for a while, and it seems like everyone else is starting to catch on. Check out this review from Loudvine:
In a city that offers so much and takes so much from so many, listen to Marvelous Toy, and you are reminded what an amazing band Marvelous Toy is. The fact that they can move and inspire through their music, reminds me how lucky I am to live where I do.

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