Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LA Briefs: Kissing Cousins, No Age, Beck

+ Our concert presenting partners Radio Free Silverlake have a review of Kissing Cousins' debut full length, Pillar of Salt:
The first full length by this all female, Silver Lake quintet is full of driving rhythms and haunting melodies that lull you into a hypnotic state–like a snake charmer drawing out a cobra with his tune. An apt reference actually, as swirling around the haze of fuzzy guitars and pounding drums are lilting flute melodies that carry the group’s songs above the frenzy. The album is dark and moody, full of spiritual woe and soulful laments.
+ No Age have a new 12" EP, Losing Feeling, out October 4 on Sub Pop. Tracklist is: "Losing Feeling," "Genie," "Aim at the Airport," and "You’re a Target." [via MBV]

+ Beck likes to add new features to his website every single day. The latest is Modern Guilt acoustic, featuring acoustic versions of songs from Beck's 2008 Danger Mouse-produced LP. You can watch those as they appear on Beck's Videotheque page.

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