Friday, July 24, 2009

LA Briefs [Cage the Animals Edition]

This Sunday, a fan-tabulous all-day concert event is happening in Los Angeles called Cage The Animals. You can find out more by reading our interview with the organizers, This is Tightrope. In anticipation of the event, we asked This is Tightrope to give us an introduction to each of the bands performing...

+ Palm Yard are friends of ours from Santa Cruz. They were looking to play an LA show in July. They've never played here before but have been booking some good gigs in Santa Cruz. I checked out their My Space and was impressed with what I heard. I hope people get there early enough to check them out because this event could be a great boost for them and hopefully afterwards they can come to LA more often.

+ Drug Warz got in touch with me about playing because they're good friends of Slang Chickens. They've been swapping shows back and forth in LA and San Diego. They are another band that will get some good recognition by playing the event and hopefully it will get them more LA gigs. They play fun punk music and I think they will being great energy!

+ Hotel St. George is a band we've been working with. We're helping to put out their record, City Boy Lemon which has already been getting great reviews. They're super passionate about what they do and it shows every time I see them play. They play music because it's what they love and I know great success will come from that. When I first saw them play, it was in a sketchy venue with hardly anyone there but they rocked out, jumping on their instruments and going crazy for the 10 of us who were watching. They need and deserve to be seen in front of a big crowd. The best part is, their music is accessible to all kinds of music fans. Three friends of mine saw them together: one who is a punk rock loving Smiths fan and two who were in to sports and being frat bros and all three were blown away.

+ So Many Wizards has been gaining a lot of recognition on local radio station, KXLU. In the past 2 months they've been asked to play live on the station twice and have been getting a lot of calls requesting their songs. Rightfully so. They have a completely unique sound where they mix an old-timey feel with smooth indie hooks. They even have samples from Breakfast at Tiffany's (the movie) on one of their songs, which certainly draws me in as a fan of the film. Their live show is unconventional and perfectly suits the music; you'll just have to see what surprises they have in store.

+ When someone asks me to describe Intricate Machines, their sound is so unique that I have to pick three polar opposite bands to compare them to: Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective, and Vampire Weekend. They have the experimental sounds of Animal Collective, harmonies of Fleet Foxes, and pop hooks and semi-world beats of Vampire Weekend (plus, sometimes the lead singer Lee Hepner wears boat shoes). Their live show consists of cool video work to go along with their unique sound.

+ Slang Chickens has been gaining a lot of recognition in LA. They've played Part Time Punks and other local shows that highlight up and coming bands. We were just lucky to get them before they blow up. All of the guys in the band are extremely talented musicians who have been involved in the music scene for most of their lives. This project could potentially be their most successful. I haven't seen them live yet so having them play is great for me since it gives me the opportunity to finally see them!

+ Cheetahsaurus are a great band formed in the ashes of The Colour. Wyatt the lead singer has a Jim Morrison way about him, and their sound echoes Radiohead in a fantastic, non-derivative way.

+ Black Apples have songs with the subject matter ranging from animals to Star Wars so obviously I am a big fan. They do that magic unconventional thing of having the drummer as the lead singer which makes their show even more fun to watch. I always admire that in a band since I could never keep the rhythm and sing at the same time! It shows true talent. With their energetic performance, they will be a fun one to look out for at the festival.

+ Swim Party is a great, fun band from San Diego. They’ve been gigging hard lately and we’re told by others that there live show is top notch.

+ Avi Buffalo has been blowing up in Los Angeles. After a recent residency at The Echo, he keeps gaining momentum and making his name bigger and bigger. With bluesy teenage love songs that harkens back to the 60's but with the new indie twang of the 00's, his music is truly addicting. With how big he's getting I was shocked he agreed to play but was even more shocked at how excited he was about playing. Probably since he's only 17, he was excited to finally have an all ages show his friends could attend.

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