Monday, July 20, 2009

A Bunch of Bay Area Music Bloggers Went to a Baseball Game on Sunday

On Sunday, I partook in what has been a tradition three years running - attending a baseball game with a contingent of Bay Area music bloggers. The event has been organized each time by Adrian of ipickmynose who also has liveblogged each game.

It was a nice mix of old faces and new ones, and while the A's did not make it much of a game, I did thoroughly enjoy my plate of nachos. Besides ipickmynose and New and Used Records, we also had representation from Hello Vegetables, Kata Rokkar, Stranger Dance, The Deli SF, the OCMD, Tough Customer, SFist, Monosyllabic, Ears of the Beholder and Loud Farm. Add these sites to your reader if they are not there already.

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