Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update: Shiloe Helping Sonic Youth
"Take Over" Origami Records

Tonight's Sonic Youth Listening Party at Origami Records in Echo Park is shaping up to be quite the event. Besides featuring acoustic sets from our very own Shiloe, and also Pocahaunted, there will be rare Thurston Moore-related vinyl on sale, while the "staff picks" shelves have been stocked with records handpicked by Moore and his bandmates. See photos of their selections at Origami's blog. Even the front of the shop now reads "Sonic Youth's House of Shifting Plates and Ridiculous Juice."

LAist has an interview with Origami owner Neil Schield who reveals just how the event came together. He also discusses the state of the shop two months since its opening:
Business has been incredible and it's actually exceeded our expectations. One of the big pleasant surprises has been how many young people come in here and buy records to start their own collections.
Schield also adds this nugget of good news: "Carson Daly's producer just contacted me, and Carson wants to shoot his show here one night this week."

We are so thrilled that Shiloe is playing this great event. On with the takeover!

Sonic Youth - "Sacred Trickster" (mp3)
Shiloe - "Gone" (mp3)
Shiloe - "Human Voices" (acoustic) (mp3)
Thurston - "Frozen Gtr" (mp3)
Thurston - "Fri/End" (mp3)

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