Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kid Mud's Now They Shut Us Down Out Today

N&UR is proud to announce the release of Kid Mud's debut full length, Now They Shut Us Down, available today.

Want to purchase a copy? Physical copies featuring cover art by Souther Salazar are shipping out for $11. You can buy it via https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6178293.

The album can also be downloaded at...

You can stream the album in its entirety at Bandcamp.

We have a pair of free downloads courtesy of RCRD LBL:

Here's some of the fine press Kid Mud has received so far:

"Kid Mud was Sean Duncan, an indie rock vet formerly of Fiver, but with the release of full length debut Now They Shut Us Down Kid Mud has seemingly morphed beyond 'one man band' status into something larger than the sum of its parts. Early Kid Mud recordings were solo efforts, with Duncan playing each and every instrument like some sort of YouTube rockstar. This latest effort, however, was also partly recorded at Mountain Ghost, allowing Duncan the ability to not only incorporate a richer, lusher sound with more varied instrumentation (both electronic and live), but a diverse range of artists including his own sister Shannon, who sings backup on several tracks." -Online Rock

"'Federated' is a particularly jumpy track off the album, which progresses in and out of Duncan’s pensive and astronomical hums.... Another of the noteworthy tracks, '909 Garden,' features vocals from Jim Ruiz; the faint repetition of acoustic guitar under the chorus rounds of this duet reminisces the ambient side of Grandaddy’s catalog." -The Bay Bridged

"San Francisco one-man-band makes brokenhearted indie-folk." -RCRD LBL

"For Now They Shut Us Down, he keeps his independent recording flair but takes it up a notch with a host of collaborators, backing vocals and full-fledged recording studio. The result is a set of richly layered, finely crafted indie rock songs. Sparklehorse fans this is right up your alley." -The OCMD

"Now They Shut Us Down is a collection of well-crafted indie pop nuggets." -Snob's Music.

"'Federated' provides a taste of more warm electro-indie from the one-man prolific band, with new fuzzy shades and ethereal layers. Live and alive." -Stranger Dance

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Allison said...

Look forward to taking a listen when I get home. Shall listen to the little nuggets you've posted here in the meantime!

Great artwork, too.