Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mixtapes, Sir Lord Von Raven, Grand Lake

+ If you're upset about losing some of your monthly downloads due to Emusic's recent deal with Sony, here's some free music for you ... tons of new mixtapes: Mick Boogie's MC Hammer mixtape, R. Kelly's first-ever mixtape (SendSpace link), a new Kanye West mixtape from Tapemasters Inc, and a live Drake mixtape.

+ I Guess I'm Floating has posted the first video from Oakland band Sir Lord Von Raven. The band includes Eric Von (The Time Fly's) on vocals and guitar, as well as Greg Ashley (Gris Gris, the Mirrors, solo career) on several instruments and production duties.

Gris Gris - "Year Zero" (mp3)
The Time Fly's - "Zodiac Killer's Son" (mp3)
Greg Ashley - "Fisher King" (mp3)
Greg Ashley - "Apple Pie and Genocide" (mp3)

+ Oakland's Grand Lake are releasing a cassette single/digital download behind the track "Sanddusky Sunset." It is a limited run of 100 cassettes. Each cassette comes with a digital download and a button, which will be sold only at shows. The b-side is a brilliant track entitled "Why Do You Lie To Me."

Grand Lake - "She's A Hater" (mp3)
Grand Lake - "Concrete Blonde on Blonde" (mp3)

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Cassettes? Really? That's pretty retro. I wonder if anybody still has a cassette player. Maybe cassettes will become the new vinyl.

I'm still waiting for the 8-track comeback.