Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starfucker's Jupiter Out This Week

I first heard about Starfucker from Caleb Nichols of Grand Lake and he was spot on singing their praises. The Portland band released their latest, Jupiter, this week via San Francisco's Badman Recording Co. Separating themselves from the likes of Cut Copy and Junior Boys, Starfucker are playing with electronic music in a new way. Their minimalism is noticably refreshing - the band could very well be creating these sounds in the garage and is thankfully not laying loads of production over them. The songs are still catchy, but the band still sounds raw and excited - not jaded in the glam that often defines electronic music. And, thankfully, the band has plenty of quirks, bringing wacky sound samples which further their distinctive sound. I'm guessing this band is probably awesome live. You can pick up the albums at iTunes and here are a couple of freebies:

Starfucker - "Medicine" (mp3)
Starfucker - "Boy Toy" (mp3)

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