Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silian Rai's And I You, to Pieces
Out Via 500 Records

Local label 500 Records just added another fine album to their catalog, digitally releasing Silian Rail's I, You To Pieces this week. I was fortunate to catch the duo of Robin Landy and Eric Kuhn a few times last year and was immediately struck by the strong musicianship. While there is an epic quality to their instrumentals, there is also a strong pop sensibility, which qualifies Silian Rail for me as instrumental indie rock. Robin’s guitar playing is so pretty and Eric’s drums so driving that it feels as though lyrics and vocals would actually betray the experience that is being created in these songs. With just guitar and drums, Silian Rail create something very special - instrumental music that is engaging and melodic without being avant garde or chaotic. Here's a couple of songs from And I You, To Pieces for you to check out...

Silian Rail - "Tituba" (mp3)
Silian Rail - "'I' is Somebody Else" (mp3)

And I You, To Pieces is available at iTunes.

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