Thursday, April 23, 2009

New [to me] Music: The Steps - "Outlaw"

There is something very cool about picking up a 7" at the record store, taking it home, sliding it out, and putting it on your record player. But only certain artists can inspire such devotion to the vinyl fetish - it really just would not work with a Britney Spears tune, even if the track is hot. The Steps are such an artist, however. I heard the Austin band for the first time a couple of months back on Future Sounds, and it was in fact that listening experience to lead me to my new favorite label, the Young and Lost Club. Young and Lost released a 7" back in 2007 featuring a pair of tracks from the Steps - "Outlaw" and "Cold Floors," both of which would appear on the band's 2008 self-titled debut. The quartet plays a cool brand of authentic classic rock that recalls the better days of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Vines. Visit the band's website and you can stream the entire album, which is available from Playing in Traffic Records.

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