Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Papercuts Out Today

MP3 - "You Can Have What You Want" - Papercuts
Sometimes, a listener is so fortunate as to have a week such as this where the new music arrives in copious amounts. This week, I am thrilled to see the arrival of new releases from Silversun Pickups, the Boy Least Likely To, Dengue Fever and the Whitest Boy Alive - not to mention the highly-anticipated second album from Papercuts. We've been quite thrilled about what we've heard from "Future Primitive" and the title track, and cannot wait to dive in further. Jason Quever and his band play Cafe du Nord on April 24 with Cryptacize and The Finches, before hitting the road with Vetiver. And if you happen to be in research mode, Quever could use your help with something. In the influences section of the band's MySpace page, Quever includes:
some book I read when I was very young about a kid who found out his life was the subject of an experiment and he is being watched closely and he travels to the edge of town and sees there's nothing past it, it's all a hoax, does anyone know what book that was? Maybe it was a dream I had.
Bonus Tracks:
MP3 - "Future Primitive" (Ruby Suns Remix) - Papercuts
MP3 - "Future Primitive" - Papercuts

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