Monday, April 6, 2009

New Music: Rae and Christian - "Play On"
(Regrind '09 feat. Jungle Brothers)

MP3 - "Play On" (Regrind '09) - Rae and Christian
Back in Christmas 1999, my cousin gifted me the debut album from Rae and Christian (Northern Sulphuric Soul), dubbing it one of the best DJ albums he'd ever heard. That was a pretty fair description, judging from the artful mix of soul and hip hop coupled with stellar guest appearances. Unfortunately the duo's followup, Sleepwalking, lacked the same flair and Steve Christian decided to walk away. The duo remained friends, while Mark Rae struck up a solo career and started a label called Yes King. After years of trying to lure his buddy back into collaboration, Rae has teamed up with Christian once again for Raiding The Vaults. If you were hoping for completely new Rae and Christian material, you may be disappointed as Raiding finds the duo remixing tracks from their two previous albums. Still, it is great to have the duo back together again. I am excited for the new take of Northern tracks and hopefully an improvement on the Sleepwalking ones.

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