Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Music: Papercuts - "Future Primitive"
(Ruby Suns Remix)

The arrival of a new album from San Francisco's Papercuts is an event with have been greatly anticipating. On Tuesday, the wait will be over, as You Can Have What You Want, drops via Gnomonsong. The album's first single, "Future Primitive," has gotten a number of spins around these parts, drawing us in with a timeless sound that combines addictive indie pop with nostalgic 1960s jangle and reverb vocals. Now that song has received the remix treatment from Ruby Suns, who drop out the pop and jangle, quite possibly bringing the song into the future with a synthy dance beat. Jason Quever and co. play Cafe du Nord on April 24 with Cryptacize and The Finches, before hitting the road with another one of our favorite local bands, Vetiver.
Bonus Track:
MP3 - "Future Primitive" - Papercuts

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Coincidentally, I have been listening to a lot of older Papercuts recently. Nice choice!