Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jukebox: ipickmynose

(Photo by David Franusich)

Jukebox is a feature where we ask our favorite artists, bloggers and DJs their opinions on four songs that are currently generating buzz. Then we ask them for songs that we should be buzzing about. This week, we put quarters in the record machine with Adrian Bischoff, a KZSU DJ who runs the SF-based music blog, ipickmynose...

Fever Ray - "When I Grow Up"
I know this is a side project of the woman from the Knife, but I didnt' know much more about Fever Ray beyond that. It's fairly similar to the Knife in style and her distinctive vocals are there. It's got a certain charm to it, but I can't say I'll listen to this again.

Wavves - "No Hope Kids"
I feel like there's a nice pop tune in here, but I'm listening through a bunch of stuff to hear it. For me, the intense lo-fi fuzz of this obscures the song rather than enhances it. For fans of Times New Viking, I would think.

Okkervil River - "Pop Lie"
I like quirky, upbeat pop, but this, like much of the Okkervil River catalog, doesn't do anything for me. I can't really explain why.

Say Hi - "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh"
This is a great, great horn line. The rest of the song is buoyed by it every time it comes in, so why did they only use it twice? Nevertheless it's a pretty good song otherwise and sort of makes me think of an 80s song--in a pleasant, nostalgic way--for some reason.

Adrian's picks...
•Tallest Man on Earth - "Pistol Dreams" (MySpace)
•Shirley Ann Lee - "There's a Light" (Stream)
•Fanfarlo - "I'm a Pilot" (MySpace)
•Mumford & Sons – "Little Lion Man" (MySpace)

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