Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Video: The Boy Least Likely To
on the N&UR Video Podcast

MP3 - "Be Gentle With Me" - The Boy Least Likely To
Reading Pitchfork's review of the long-awaited second album from The Boy Least Likely To made me think about the time I got to interview the band for our video podcast series. Before N&UR was a label, we ran a 9-episode video podcast series called, well, New and Used Records. That was back in 2006 - The Best Party Ever had been well received, the band had toured with James Blunt. Since that time, the band's songs have been featured prominently on film and television but new material has been scarce. It sounds like the process of getting The Law of the Playground completed and released was a serious adventure (and not the fun kind). That being said, the boys persevered, and I cannot wait to hear this album, which is coming out on +1 - an awesome promo company (who got me that interview) that became a record label with the release of Talking Through Tin Cans by the Morning Benders.
Bonus Track
MP3 - "Hugging My Grudge" - The Boy Least Likely To
[from The Best Party Ever]

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