Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jukebox: So Many Wizards

Jukebox is a feature where we ask our favorite artists, bloggers and DJs their opinions on four songs that are currently generating buzz. Then we ask them for four songs that we should be buzzing about. This week, we put quarters in the record machine with Nima of So Many Wizards...

"Dimmer" - Bishop Allen
Put me in a good mood. The little instrumental plucking was a nice touch. Reminds me of a healthy mix between the Spinto Band and Weezer. Not the best song I have heard but it does the trick. Great pop song.

"Spanish Gold 2044" - Swan Lake
Very distinct voice. Reminded me of so many epic vocalist but still maintained its originality. Very gritty song. Feels like something that could easily come out of the 60's. Maybe it did. The guitar that accompanies the melody is kind of epic. Great song. A good kind of catchy. This was my favorite.

"Elegy" - Caroline Weeks (of Bat For Lashes)
I like the droning in the background. All together very haunting song. I can zone out and relax to this any day.

"Submarines of Stockholm" - AC Newman
Right off the bat starts off strong with a very infectious vocal melody. For me, this is really important. I hate having to get into a song that takes two minutes before i really get what it's about. Great for driving in traffic and keeping a distant point of view from it all.

Nima's Picks...
Here's some songs that need buzzing. Old and New. . .
"George Pringle I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" - Pulse Out
•"My Little Redbook" - Love (iTunes/HypeMachine)
•"A Whisper" - Jay Reatard (HypeMachine)
•"Pillars of Fire" - Deep Sea Diver (MySpace)

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are some nice choices. I'm not blown away by Carl Newman's new album, but that track is a good one.