Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grand Lake's Nevermint Out Today;
Three Bay Area Shows To Celebrate It

MP3 - "She's A Hater" - Grand Lake
We've been enjoying Oakland indie rock quartet Grand Lake quite a bit these days, and now the band's debut full lenghth, Nevermint, is available from 500 Records. The quartet - who draw their name from a movie theater just a block away from the N&UR offices - is fronted by former Port O'Brien bassist Caleb Nichols. The lineup also features Jameson Swanagon (guitar), Erika Pipkin (vocals, keys) and Ryan Parks (drums).

Don't expect the indie folk stylings of Nichols' previous band. Instead, Nevermint - which was recorded over a three day period - boasts a minimalist approach to indie rock with lyrics that are sometimes emotional and sometimes downright hilarious. Take "She's a Hater," a stellar duet between Nichols and Pipkin, which finds Nichols musing about a buddy's girlfriend's utter distate for him. Pipkin plays the hater - and their feud is our entertainment. "Concrete Blonde on Blonde" was the first Grand Lake I heard and it struck me as sounding like an understated Arcade Fire.

Grand Lake have three exciting Bay Area shows slated to celebrate the release of Nevermint. You should try and make it to at least one...

•03/26 @ Amoeba Music - Berkeley; free, 6PM
•03/27 @ LoBot Gallery - Oakland w/ Starfucker, What's Up, Guidance Counselor, Man/Miracle, DJ sets by Golden Graham (Rogue Wave); $8, 9PM.
•03/28 @ Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco w/ Guidance Counselor, Starfucker; $8, 9:30PM
Bonus Track:
MP3 - "Concrete Blonde on Blonde" - Grand Lake

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