Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Kid Mud EP: Track 4 -
"Press It Out" (Guilty Bystander Remix)

Kid Mud's new EP Birds Have Moved In: Reworkings and Remixes is out this week. Instead of doing a traditional release, we decided to give the whole thing away for free. We will be releasing a track-a-day all this week.

1. This Way is Safe
2. You Don't Belong (Sticky Situation Remix)
3. 1401 South Grand Street (Reworked by Kid Mud)
4. Press It Out (Guilty Bystander Remix)

Sean turned to his friend Guilty Bystander - the electronic alter ego of Solar Powered People guitarist/singer Tony Pennington - for a remix of "Press It Out." Kid Mud had done a remix for SPP a year earlier, and Pennington was returning the favor. "I have always loved Kid's melodies since the beginning," he says. "He's my boy! We have different styles but once I heard 'Press it Out,' it was immediately branded into my brain. He had asked me to try a remix of this and I loved the idea. Press it Out is a great song and I wanted to give it a more of a experimental glitch electronic groove. Nothing over the top just simple and sweet." To compare the two, you can download the original "Press It Out."

You can purchase Kid Mud's Birds Will Move In at iTunes, Emusic and Amazon. Kid Mud plays the Hotel Utah in San Francisco on Saturday, March 14 with Great Northern and O+S.

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Allison said...

Love the cover art!

I look forward to the tracks. :)