Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Kid Mud EP: Track 2 -
"You Don't Belong" (Sticky Situation Remix)

Kid Mud's new EP Birds Have Moved In: Reworkings and Remixes is out this week. Instead of doing a traditional release, we decided to give the whole thing away for free. We will be releasing a track-a-day all this week.

1. This Way is Safe
2. You Don't Belong (Sticky Situation Remix)

For "You Don't Belong," Kid Mud handed over the reins to cut-and-paste artist The Sticky Situation. "That guy is a genius and I totally wanted that 8 bit sound," Kid Mud's Sean Duncan says of recruiting Sticky Situation for the EP. "I love how the chorus of that song totally turned into the training scene of Mike Tyson's Punch Out." If you're interested in hearing more Sticky Situation, he's made virtually all his songs available for download in a .zip file.

You can purchase Kid Mud's Birds Will Move In at iTunes, Emusic and Amazon. Kid Mud plays the Hotel Utah in San Francisco on Saturday, March 14 with Great Northern and O+S.

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