Friday, February 27, 2009

Noise Pop Preview:
The Mae Shi @ Mezzanine 3/1

This week is San Francisco's annual Noise Pop festival. All week we will be previewing Noise Pop shows that may have slipped past you.
MP3 - "Lamb and the Lion" - The Mae Shi
Conclude your week of Noise Pop right by seeing one of LA's most exciting (and critically acclaimed bands) - The Mae Shi. The first time I saw The Mae Shi, it was 2004 at Pitzer College. They were a bit more of an artsy noise band then. Since that time they've kept the art and experimentation but have also started crafting some damn catchy tunes. Last year, the band dropped HLLLYH in February, receiving an 8.1 from Pitchfork, and then a month later they played a staggering 18 shows at South by Southwest. This year, the Mae Shi have gotten lazy and are only playing 15. The Mae Shi play the Mezzanine on Sunday with Les Savy Fav and the Drums.

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