Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vetiver's Tight Knit Out Today

MP3 - "Everyday" - Vetiver
San Francisco's Vetiver release their fourth full-length today - Tight Knit - their first with Sub Pop. Lead by Andy Cabic, Vetiver craft pretty folk melodies with hints of 1970s AM radio. I don't know about you, but their songs tend to make me feel pretty good. Pitchfork's Matthew Murphy gives the album a 7.2, writing, "it features Cabic's most consistently engaging batch of songs to date." You can stream the whole thing at Spinner. The band is currently in Europe, but will be returning to the States in March, headlining the Bay Bridged's Bay Area Takeover at South by Southwest. The Bay Area Takeover is March 19 at the Beauty Bar and also features Mike Relm, the Morning Benders, French Miami and several others. The event is free.
Bonus Tracks:
MP3 - "Blue Driver" - Vetiver
[from Thing of the Past (2008)]

MP3 - "Busted" - Vetiver
[from To Find Me Gone (2006)]

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