Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Music: The Bran Flakes -
"Stumble Out of Bed"

MP3 - "Stumble Out Of Bed" - The Bran Flakes
You know about Illegal Art from their Girl Talk releases, but the label puts out a lot of other great records as well. Illegal Art releases challenge copyright law while also celebrating sampling as a viable creative art form. Their latest release in the Illegal Art catalog is I Have Hands from The Bran Flakes, out next week and built 100% on samples. The Bran Flakes, however, are not so much creating the pop song car crashes of their label mate Girl Talk. In fact, the Bran Flakes tend to be a little kooky, building zany jams around skipping and repetition. They are still engaging with pop culture, just in a more Spongebob-on-drugs-kind-of-way. "Stumble Out of Bed" relies heavily on a sample from Dolly Parton's "9 to 5," but also works in the Osmonds and "Eye of the Tiger." Unlike Girl Talk's jams, you can play this song when the kids or your mom is in the room.
Bonus Tracks:
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